Hello, and welcome to my website,
I’m so glad you’re here.

For more than 30 years I’ve been helping people see and be themselves—recover from the life-shaping emotional assaults of childhood to become their radiant, expressing selves, live their joy, offer their gifts and build relationships that make their hearts sing.

I’m still doing this, because unlike rocks, trees and robots, human beings are emotional beings, and if we don’t resolve our emotional problems, there’s hell to pay in the form of depression, dysfunction, disappointing relationships and lifelong feelings of general malaise. In fact, did you know that NOT DEALING WITH YOUR EMOTIONAL ISSUES—research has shown—will set you up for a thirteen year shorter lifespan? Even I was blown away by that.

I’ve also written a dozen books about love and relationships, and a book about living through crisis. I’ve been on a gazillion radio and hundreds of TV shows including  six appearances on Oprah, and taught workshops across the US and also in Europe.

As the years have gone over, I’ve made a few changes myself. Instead of writing another HOW TO or WHY book, I’ve written A Spiritual Fairy Tale—THE MAGICAL WORLD OF MADAME METIER—because I deeply believe that in this world of random terror and cyber-everything we need more magic and a sense of the miraculous to lift us up and transform us. You can order this tale of love, magic and miracles—one woman’s amazed awakening to her own vast spiritual powers—and/or any of my other books—in the BOOKS section of this website, at amazon or from your local bookstore.

I’m still here to work with you on resolving your emotional issues, to inspire your audience, or lead a life-changing workshop we might cook up together.

May you find deep peace,
May you feel loved and be loving,
As you inhabit the sacred jewel of your own life.

With love and high regard,


August 12, 2020

New Book

A Spiritual Fairy Tale
by Daphne Rose Kingma
(click on book cover above for enlargement)

“Another wonderful work from one of the great priestess/goddess/artists of our time.” —Marianne Williamson

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