Working with Daphne

Getting clear emotionally is what allows you to have beautiful relationships, deliver your gifts, and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

All Daphne’s work is grounded in the awareness that we are always operating simultaneously on both the emotional and the spiritual levels, and that it is only through the conscious integration of the two that true healing can occur.

Change requires that you become deeply acquainted with yourself through the template of your previous life experiences. Permanent transformation consists of revising your internal awareness and developing the emotional/spiritual practices that will result in changed behavior, new life outcomes and an opening to the presence of your deep soul.

Working with Daphne—for a single session or an extended sequence—provides the compassionate grounding, penetrating insight, and spiritual partnership through which you can accomplish profound change.

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Daphne is currently available for private work with select individuals and groups in the following formats:

Single Life-Overview Session 1/1/2 hours

An overview—and map–of what’s going on in your life right now. A look at the origins of your current issues and a flashlight on your path about how to solve and move beyond them. Whatever is troubling you now has roots in your past–and holds the potential for profound transformation in your future—a life, a self, different from the one you’re currently operating from. Like putting a new engine in your car, planting flowers instead of weeds in your garden, travelling to the moon.

This session will not go into the deep work that actually creates change, but will name the territory, point out the direction, and lay the groundwork.

6-Session Hi-Key Sequence

Six hour-long sessions focused on naming, resolving your key emotional issues. Breaking through to the awareness and outlining the emotional/spiritual practices that will actually result in change.

Immersion Week-End
10 hour residential session with Daphne Santa Barbara, CA or mutually agreed upon location:

Friday night, 2 hours
Saturday, 6 hours (with break for lunch)
Sunday AM, 2 hour wrap-up and integration

(Weekday scheduling available by special arrangement)

Life Transformation Experience.

A three-month sequence of intensive individual work by phone or in person with Daphne.
(Includes additional unlimited e-mail support for the duration.)

For pricing and availability on all formats go to: Contact Daphne.

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What people are saying…

“Daphne is an artist. . .with people.”—David W.

“Daphne is the Einstein of Emotions. Her ability to track, feel and translate emotional states Is unlike any I’ve seen anywhere, and I’ve been to A LOT of healers over the years.”—Claire P.

“Just want you to know the magic worked. Two weeks after we finished our work, I met a wonderful man who is now my husband. We’ve been married for more than a year now and are expecting a baby girl in September.” —Joy H.

“I went to see Daphne because I didn’t want to live my whole life as somebody else. I am definitely surprised at who I discovered myself to be. I’ve ended up doing something completely different than I ever imagined (dancer instead of a lawyer) and I love it! Thank you, Daphne!” —David H.

“Somehow I knew Daphne would be the person who could take me through my rage about being abused Her path to resolution was almost shocking, unexpected. I can hardly believe I’m actually free from all that negative energy and have finally started living my life.”—Rachel S.

“When the psyche is at rest, life is in flow.”